Low Cost Maintenance

EMI manufactures and assembles the EMI Deboner completely in our own facility in Brockton, MA. We control the quality, precision, assembly, and documentation 100%!

We designed the EMI Deboner with simplicity in mind. Each component is precision machined and pinned into position. The result: You don’t have to waste time worrying about alignment. The EMI Deboner will stay aligned long after it leaves the floor!

EMI’s parts simply last longer passing valuable savings on to you. When it does come time to replace parts, the modular design of the EMI Deboner allows you to easily remove and replace the existing parts. Improvements to parts are constantly occurring through our Research and Design Team. Most improvements are made at no additional cost to the customer and improved parts are guaranteed to fit in place of their older counterparts.

Cleaning and preventative maintenance is a cinch! The simple modular design assists in making disassembly and cleaning a 15-minute job by one person.The EMI Washdown Cart comes standard with our deboner and makes cleaning the EMI Deboner quick, easy and thorough. Preventative maintenance has never been so easy!

Please send your e-mail with your resume and letter of intent attached to and one of our managers will be sure to get back in touch with you when the time is right. Thanks again for your interest!

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