Huge Advantages

I am Dan Evans, president of Evans Machine Co., Inc. You might say that I know my competitors inside and out. You see, twenty years ago, I helped develop and manufacture the Yieldmaster Deboner. Several years later, I did the same with the Meatmaker. In fact, the auger and screen system I perfected is now the industry standard. Though both are fine machines, they are difficult to service and costly to maintain because of their design. With that in mind, I developed the new, heavy-duty EMI Deboner.

The EMI Deboner utilizes the proven auger and screen deboning process, but with new revolutionary improvements. If you are a processor, these improvements will reduce your maintenance, parts and operating costs. I am so sure of this, I guarantee the EMI Deboner will cost 15% less to maintain when compared to any other deboner.

My patented split feed can and disposable insert eliminates the need to ever replace the feed can. In addition, the EMI Deboner screen is designed to be rotated 180° significantly lengthening its life. There are other cost saving features. My design eliminates the costly thrust bearings and housings. I’ve enclosed the screen inside the transfer tube to greatly reduce the risk of airborne contamination. Furthermore, the benefits of dynamic balancing must be seen to be believed.

Made entirely in the USA, the 100% stainless EMI Deboner is available to fit your production requirements up to 24,000 pounds per hour. For additional information, materials or answers to your questions, please contact us.

Please send your e-mail with your resume and letter of intent attached to and one of our managers will be sure to get back in touch with you when the time is right. Thanks again for your interest!

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